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About This Site

The name of the site is simply the amalgamation of the names of my two Shih Tzus - Aki and Kana. The site is an avenue for me to develop and display my skills as a photographer. To view each of the photographs in the galleries, click on the picture and you can scroll through.

Links are hidden but in most cases obvious. Just hover your mouse over a potential word and if it changes shade you've found a link. Other than all the links down the left hand side there are also two further ones 'hidden' in the previous two paragraphs. Why not try and find them now?

Not much was done to the site between March 2009 and December 2010. From January 2011 normal programming will resume. New for 2011 will be the periodic release of PDF based portfolios that will also be available for on demand printing. So why not fill up your bookcase with what will surely be collectors items of the future today?

Guy, January 2011, Tokyo.