Spring Sprung

The gritters were out yesterday evening (Sunday) but no one told the frogs. I’d noticed the spawn on Saturday and checking back this morning all was fine.

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Naming of Animals

Today we have naming of animals with a hat-tip to Henry Reed for providing help on this post’s title and opening words. I’m currently reading Transcription by Kate Atkinson. She is a new author to me and the novel is not one I’d typically pick even though it has an

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In Passing

In Karin Fossum’s The Drowned Boy, I came across this sentence: “They each ordered a beer and sat and sipped it in the shade of the trees, looking out at the square and the passersby.” A search in my online dictionary of choice would indicate that there should be a

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Rules of the game

There are no rules for techniques, only solutions. Today’s darkroom may soon be replaced with electronic consoles. Yet after thirty years, Stieglitz’s advice to me remains constant: ‘The only thing that matters is the finished photograph.’

Arnold Newman, One Mind’s Eye, 1974.