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I took a total of 68 photographs for my SoFoBoMo submission. All 68 are in the completed work and appear as chronologically taken. I chose Ebisu 1-chome as the location for taking the photographs. I decided on this area (you can find it via Google maps here bordered in blue) as it was broken in to 35 banchi. I misread the original instructions of SoFoBoMo and thought 35 was the final number of photographs rather than a minimum. My original modus operandi was to take a single shot in each banchi and publish the results. Given I now had a little more latitude I decided against this single shot approach and instead went for a walk in the area and shot whatever interested me. Without editing, apart from a few slight crops, you will see what I thought was photographically interesting. Some of them work and some don't. As for the title of the work: it's a rather ugly direct Japanese translation of SoFoBoMo. I hope you enjoy the finished work. It was an interesting experience to make. A 17mb pdf of the finished work is right here.